A merging of personalities

During my 2 year hiatus from writing this site (formerly bwh.me), I started another blog where I actually produced a decent amount of content. I love technology and I wanted to try my hand at covering the news that interested me.

Superfunti.me became my personal soapbox for sounding off about technology news but it followed a rather cookie cutter approach. I tried to be John Gruber which is a rather popular thing to try these days. Trust me, the internet doesn’t need any more link list sites.

At some point early in the game I became disheartened with my lack of critical thinking. Nothing deflates an ego like writing a piece then an article that covered areas you didn’t even think about. One doesn’t develop critical thinking skills or a writing voice overnight but that knowledge didn’t stop me from promptly quitting.

Despite the poor quality, I was writing and that was my whole goal when I started the site. To delete that content would be a disservice to myself and the effort I put into it. And so, I exported the data from superfunti.me and imported it here. The 2 year silence has been erased and in it’s place is a collection of technology writing I’m not particularly proud of.

Proud or not, I won’t hide from it — it’s all part of the process. I also have no intention of running from this idea so expect more technology writing in the future.

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