Actually riding finally

It’s sad when your bright shining moment of a week is the fact you got on your bike 3 times in the given week. But, as most of my time has been spent working in the garage for the past few months, I guess it’s ok to revel in the small triumphs.

On Wednesday, I actually made it to the local skate park for the first time. Granted, I didn’t do much more than roll in and out of some quarters, but it’s more than nothing.

Thursday I went to Modern skate park in Royal Oak, Mi which is a bit more of a comfortable place since I’ve been there a few times. That was a good time with a lot of sweating (they should get A/C in there!).

And finally, last night I made it to the skate park down the street yet again. Not a lot of progress made other than rolling in and out of a larger quarter than I ever have, and I practiced my fakies as well.

This all sounds pretty lame when it’s typed out. I should just say “I went out 3 times this week” but I’ll leave the embarrassing newbie stuff there. I planned on getting up early today to ride but instead was greeted by a wild storm, followed by an insane amount of humidity and heat. I’m spending the day inside eating pizza instead.

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