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I’m melting!

Notice a lack of bike content? It’s because summer showed up late and brought humidity with it! The summer in Michigan has been rather mild this year and suddenly August erupts with high 80 degree temps and crushing humidity. I’ve been staying in doors where the AC keeps me safe and cool.

Obviously that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I’ve been out in the garage a bit during the past 2 weeks putting together 2 complete BMX bikes to try to sell off the collection of old parts sitting in the corner. So far I’ve managed to trade one complete bike for some 9mm ammo, and I have another bike 85% finished which I’ll be selling next week to a guy I know. Then maybe I can start to make sense of the mess that has become my garage.

As for riding, I haven’t been to the bike park in 2 weeks. Tomorrow’s weather looks nice in terms of keeping the park attendance low but the park is indoors which means it’ll probably be near 100 degrees inside. Not sure I feel like putting myself through that although I should, I need practice!

Actually riding finally

It’s sad when your bright shining moment of a week is the fact you got on your bike 3 times in the given week. But, as most of my time has been spent working in the garage for the past few months, I guess it’s ok to revel in the small triumphs.

On Wednesday, I actually made it to the local skate park for the first time. Granted, I didn’t do much more than roll in and out of some quarters, but it’s more than nothing.

Thursday I went to Modern skate park in Royal Oak, Mi which is a bit more of a comfortable place since I’ve been there a few times. That was a good time with a lot of sweating (they should get A/C in there!).

And finally, last night I made it to the skate park down the street yet again. Not a lot of progress made other than rolling in and out of a larger quarter than I ever have, and I practiced my fakies as well.

This all sounds pretty lame when it’s typed out. I should just say “I went out 3 times this week” but I’ll leave the embarrassing newbie stuff there. I planned on getting up early today to ride but instead was greeted by a wild storm, followed by an insane amount of humidity and heat. I’m spending the day inside eating pizza instead.

More problems, more money

I believe the last time I left you, I was on tube #3 for the front wheel of my new bike? Let’s make that #4. Or rather, #4 is dead and gone.

The culprit is these super cheap rim strips I ordered from Ace. Sure, they cost $0.99 so they were a steal, but they also cost me$14 in tubes thus far. So I ordered some Kink strips which are supposed to be 28mm wide and should cover a lot more area and prevent the problem from repeating.

I also took the time to order another Premium 2″ tire so both of my bikes will have matching tires again. And I also have the Mechanik 1/2 link chain on the way as well to hopefully dial in the rear end of the Bama a bit better.

I’d love to talk about all the riding I’m doing, except I’m not riding. I did take the Bama on the first “long” ride down to my favorite empty industrial area to practice my bunny hops and manuals and as I hopped down the curb onto the street, the rear tire shifted forward and my chain became a dangling useless thing. It’s not fun to scooter your way home 2+ miles only to find out that you forgot to crank the rear wheel down tight after adjusting the chain. Then, as I push it into the garage to tighten the chain and head back out, I hear the dreaded hiss of that #4 tube leaking. That ended the night and I spent the rest of my time tearing the bike down in preparation for the new parts which will be showing up on Wednesday.

I took the T1 out last night to ride a little bit but my wrists were in pain and I generally suck at even the most basic moves. So I came home defeated and sulked in the basement. I’m really bad at practicing things, I always want instant gratification.