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QOTW: What’s your favorite writing instrument?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a LOT of writing utensils. Some of us prefer pens, some prefer pencils, and we all have that one favorite instrument that we can’t help but keep near us at all times.

So what’s yours? Maybe you don’t like to play favorites but I bet deep down in your brain, you have a favorite. But if you can’t pick one, at least tell us if it’s a fountain pen, a gel pen, or a pencil. 🙂

Hit the comments and share!

QOTW:How bad is your paper fetish?

I hate to use the word “fetish” but hey, that’s probably accurate. Those of us with this fetish find notebooks and paper to be irresistible. When we walk past the stationary aisle of a store, we inevitably stop and check out what they have to offer. I find myself doing this even at places I know only sell low end products just in case I find something I haven’t seen before.

This fetish leads to book shelves or drawers full of empty notebooks waiting to be used. Some are still wrapped in cellophane, some we’ve tried out and found unacceptable and just tossed back on the shelf, and the truly crazy among us have stacks of the same brand of notebook that we keep buying “just in case” they stop making them.

So now’s your chance to come out and admit you have a paper problem. How many unused notebooks do you have? How many reams of paper stacked up on a shelf? How often do you buy a new notebook knowing full well that you have 10 more  at home that need to be used first?

I guess that’s more than one question, but I think they’re all technically the same question. Hit the comment box and tell us about your addiction, I promise you won’t be judged, you’re in good company.

I’m gonna ask you a few questions

It’s Thursday and you know what that means? It’s time for Question of the Week!

Ok I made that feature up just now but I kind of like it so let’s see how it goes!

This week the question is: Do you send or receive any handwritten correspondence?

My answer: Nope! I think the last thing I received that was handwritten was a Thank You card and I don’t count those. Anything you’re practically forced to write shouldn’t count. 😉 Maybe that’s too harsh, I should appreciate that the sender write anything at all. And the last time I sent anything handwritten… I can’t even remember. Sad when you think about it, I have pens and ink galore and I’m keeping it all to myself.

Ok, it’s called “question of the week” so you get to hit the comment box below and give me your answers!

Question of the Week Rules and Regulations

  1. You MUST talk about QOTW (blog it, twitter it, tell your friends!)
  2. You MUST talk about QOTW.
  3. If this is your first QOTW, you have to answer. 😉