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Shooting Myself In The Foot

All the cool kids are adding bigfoot jquery footnotes to their blog and I thought, why not me?

If you read this site with any regularity 1 you might realize I’ve never used a footnote before. Well, I grant you that but I installed it anyway. I expected a battle with HTML but luckily I found the WP-Bigfoot plugin which made my job a lot easier.

Now I have footnotes 2 and I can add them willy-nilly wherever I please. With my short memory, I’ll forget I installed this plugin by the next time I post so enjoy the fancy footnotes while you can.

  1. Who does that?

  2. Who cares?

Being The Best Means Nothing If You’re Broken

It’s officially 2014 and WordPress emailed a year-in-review that pointed out a rather large problem.

According to the stats, these are my most viewed posts:

Field Notes Mackinaw Autumn Review
Black N’ Red Notebook Review
G2 Signo 207 Hack

Each of these were written in the heyday of the blog: 2009. They also shared another common trait: the images were broken. It seems when I moved the blog from to, I forgot to fix the image links. This plagued all posts from 2009 to late 2012.

As someone who is trying to be a good host, I have gone back and fixed every image link in the archive. Now you can enjoy the writing of a past me with all visual stimulation I intended you to have when I wrote it.

I may have fixed a typo or two, I’ll never tell.

Yet another domain move

I have moved this site to a new domain:

Why move again? I don’t have a very good answer. doesn’t lend itself to easy pronunciation and I really like the domain. It pained me not to use it for something so now it’s being used.

Everything from will redirect here, just as was redirecting to I’ve updated the redirect on to point here so there won’t be any double hops.

Hopefully this will be the last of the moves.