Come join us at Styloforum!

A couple weeks ago I created a new forum called Stylo Forum for us pen and paper enthusiasts. It’s purposely simple and easy to navigate and I think it fills a void for those of us who like all sorts of pens, not just certain types.

Right now, I have some giveaways going on to try to get some traffic going.

The first person with 25 posts* will win a free pen of my choosing (probably a Preppy or Slicci)

The 25th sign up will win a free Beetle highlighter and a free pen of my choosing (again, probably a preppy or something of that nature)

And first person with 100 posts* is going to win a little prize pack that will contain a Piccadilly Primo Journal and a few other goodies I have lying about.

All you have to do is go to, register, and start participating in our discussions. We need your participation to make this little site grow into a nice community of pen and paper fanatics.

*The posts need to be legit. No fair signing up and posting 25 “that’s cool” or posts of that nature. 😉

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