Looking for a backup assistant?

The Nexus devices weren’t the only thing Google rolled out this week, they just dropped an amazing update to their iOS search app

I don’t know what else this app does because I’m too busy playing with voice search.

Words flash on the screen as fast as you say them and the results come back quick as well. There’s even a voice option if you really want another robotic assistant. Google obviously put a lot of work into making this really fast.

Some will be quick to compare it with Siri but it’s not really a fair comparison. Yes they both share similar functions but Siri will always have the advantage of being available from the lock screen. Of course she isn’t always working so Google will probably see plenty of use.

Comparisons aside, the app is a great example of what Google can do it they really want to show off. Now if only they’d give us a killer Gmail app. Please?

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