NaNoWriMo and my disappearance

Oh my, it’s Monday night and I haven’t posted anything on my blog. Allow me to shove the blame over on NaNoWriMo please?

I’ve spent the past week quite stressed out about the whole novel writing business. I’ve often fancied myself as a writer yet I don’t write so… yeah that’s a problem. As Nov 1st drew closer, I began to panic about not having a story or characters or any of those things you might expect to be in a novel. Oddly enough, while I thought I was kind of ignoring it, I was actually stressing out about it in the back of my head and it started to affect my sleep quit badly. The last night I slept well was Thursday and I’m firmly placing the blame on this novel stuff.

However, I pulled an idea out of my head and decided to at least give it a start. At 9pm last night, I began to write and cranked out 1700 words before succumbing to fatigue of the fingers and brain. I tell you what, it’s not easy to drag a story out of your head if you’re not used to it. I imagine if you’re not used to writing fiction – which I’m not – then you’d find yourself in the same place I was, dragging the story out of your brain as if pulling a large log through a mud field. Not easy!

After last night’s insanely fitful attempt at sleep, I’ve decided to take a day off. Today is my birthday and in a couple of hours, my Fiance will be home and we’re going out for dinner after which I fully plan on passing out with a nice full belly. Hopefully a good night’s rest will help spur me on to writing well tomorrow as I’ll be a day behind! I have not given up on NaNoWriMo… yet. 😉

I’m going to move the updates to this blog from daily to Mon-Wed-Fri for now. I think that’s about all I’ll be able to handle and write a novel.

To everyone participating in NaNoWriMo, good luck!

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and my disappearance

  1. Happy Birthday! Mine is this month, too. I hear ya about the stress coming with this whole novel-writing binge. The trick is, don’t write a novel. Go sentence by sentence, thought by thought and the pages will go flying. And, if you’re used to journaling or writing about non-fiction type events, base your fiction squarely on that reality. I find it is way easier to write about what you are comfortable with writing. And make sure that internal editor doesn’t come back. Remember, he’s fired for the duration of November.

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