Super Fun Time

This blog is dead.

The ever changing interests

I don’t expect this blog to make much sense. If it even ends up being used for that matter.

I change my hobbies like girls change their shoes. One week I’m into guns, the next I’m into cars, the next… well it just changes a lot.

The interest of the moment right now… BMX bicycles. And I’m 31 yrs old, never owned a real BMX bike, so it’s one of the more off-the-wall interests I’ve had. Thus far I’ve built one bike, am in the process of building a 2nd, and I also have 3 other frames in my garage that serve no purpose.

I’m an accumulator by nature so when I get into something, I collect massive quantities of the item. It takes a few weeks before I realize that the items I’ve amassed are junk or just sub-par stuff and then I go out and start buying new, better items. That leaves my garage, basement, etc… full of things I probably can’t get rid of.

It’s an odd ride being me, but I enjoy it.