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Assembling round rolling things

I spent last night assembling the front and rear wheels for my new bike project. This would be the 5th time I’ve built a wheel if you count the one wheel I took apart after assembly because it was too lopsided to ride. Technically these would have been #3 and #4 respectively.

I don’t feel like giving too much away on the build but I went with the ever trusted Odyssey 7K-A rims, a Gsport Monkey front hub, and an Odyssey Hazard rear cassette. I’ll leave the unveiling for later.

But back to the wheel building point, it’s a very time consuming process for me. I would imagine it takes me an hour or so to assemble a wheel which is kind of sad because if you Google “Albes wheel build”, you’ll find yourself pointed at a video of a man who can build a complete wheel, and true it, in < 15 minutes. Sigh! But I’ve always been a slow and careful worker plus it’s not like I’m building these for a living.

I figure this might be of help to anyone who might stumble onto this site; the guide I use to build my wheels. This gets linked to a lot I imagine and George from Gsport is regarded quite highly in the BMX world so I figured he would be the man to follow. Using his guide, I do tend to end up with fairly true wheels straight out of assembly and the 2 I’ve actually built and trued, required very little work to get straight.

Here’s the link to the guide.