Super Fun Time

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I’m melting!

Notice a lack of bike content? It’s because summer showed up late and brought humidity with it! The summer in Michigan has been rather mild this year and suddenly August erupts with high 80 degree temps and crushing humidity. I’ve been staying in doors where the AC keeps me safe and cool.

Obviously that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I’ve been out in the garage a bit during the past 2 weeks putting together 2 complete BMX bikes to try to sell off the collection of old parts sitting in the corner. So far I’ve managed to trade one complete bike for some 9mm ammo, and I have another bike 85% finished which I’ll be selling next week to a guy I know. Then maybe I can start to make sense of the mess that has become my garage.

As for riding, I haven’t been to the bike park in 2 weeks. Tomorrow’s weather looks nice in terms of keeping the park attendance low but the park is indoors which means it’ll probably be near 100 degrees inside. Not sure I feel like putting myself through that although I should, I need practice!