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And a friendly greeting to you!

I think my brain has a mis-wire in the greeting department. It’s not every time, but more often than not, I’m left shaking my head at my ridiculous responses.

The majority of my greetings are made in the hallway of my workplace. I’m not a big socialite so the greeting is almost always offered by the other person and the burden of response is left to me. For some reason, my brain handles this by repeating the greeting back to them in the same manner as it was offered.

For instance, I just walked past a co-worker who, for some reason, whispered a greeting. My response? A whispered “hey”.  Why did I do that? I don’t whisper greetings! Another favorite of mine is the guy who always offers a snarky looking smile and rocks his head backwards, I find myself doing the same thing back even though I’ve never used that as a greeting in my life.

I also have a major pet peeve when it comes to greetings. When someone says “How are you”, I respond with “I’m going well, how are you?” A lot of people just keep walking without another word. Maybe they didn’t expect me to answer their greeting but it annoys me just the same.