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I’m just a stupid man

Does anyone else notice the heavy slant toward smart women and dumb men in almost everything in the media today? For instance, the Walmart commercial with the woman who buys steaks and the husband has no idea why but won’t say anything. Nevermind this couple’s obvious communication issues, it’s obvious this guy has no clue what’s going on in his life.

And of course, let’s not forget the innumerable sitcoms of idiot men with attractive, smart women by their side. King of Queens pretty much embodies this belief. You have a fat dumb funny guy who’s married to a woman way out of his league and just happens to be witty, sarcastic, and the only person with brains in the house.  I could list at least 5 that are on TV right now, it seems every sitcom based on a husband/wife team is like this.

The sad thing is, men are starting to live this way in real life. Want to go out with the friends? “Gotta check with the boss.” It’s a funny phrase and we all start using it to be funny but sadly it ends up that way in the end.

Uhoh, I have to stop writing now, my dark overlord wants me to take out the trash while she berates me about how fat, dumb, and slow I am. 😉