Super Fun Time

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Everybody knows that the bird is the word

When I first heard of Twitter I thought it was the dumbest idea I had ever heard. It seemed to be marketed as a way to tell people what you’re doing and I just don’t care that you’re eating ice cream right now.

Now that I’ve been playing with it, and I’m following a few good people, I’m starting to see a plethora of links and articles that I want to check out. Hardly a day goes by where one of the bloggers I’m following doesn’t post a link where I think “oh I need to check this out when I get home!”. Case in point; an article I found via someone I’m following that should end up inspiring a blog entry that will be posted later this evening. It also added another great site to my list of bookmarks.

So even if you’re not going to tell us all what you’re having for dinner, don’t be afraid of joining Twitter. You might just find the info gleaned from the tweets to be quite inspirational.