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My new lap desk

For the past year or so, I’ve been wanting a lap desk. I’ll admit that I haven’t been actively looking for one, I tend to just wait until something pops out in front of me and begs me to buy it. Oddly enough, I was walking through my local Walgreens this past week and happened to find just the thing I was looking for.

It’s a fairly simple item and the quality isn’t amazing but for $14.95, I can’t complain. The legs can be folded up into the bottom of the desk, or folded down as shown in the picture. They also adjust to 2 different heights which is quite handy. I tried to use both configurations while sitting on my couch and the most comfortable for me was to fold the legs up and set the desk on my lap. As you can see, the larger section tilt upwards with several different choices to set your desired slope. The smaller section stays flat which is handy for keeping writing instruments nearby or even as a pad for using a mouse with your laptop.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to give this a good test as a writing desk, I’ve never used a sloped surface for writing and I wasn’t able to get into a comfortable position when I tried. I personally feel the large black plastic rail at the bottom of the desk is obtrusive and I might replace it with something thinner or remove it all together.  I also found it mildly annoying that there is no lock to keep the legs open. I’m a bit fidgety when sitting and side to side movement causes the legs to start to close up.

Other than my few minor complaints, it’s a handy desk and for only $15, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for something that will let you read, write, or use your computer while sitting in bed or on the floor, you might want to give this little desk a try.