Super Fun Time

This blog is dead.

Brain freeze!

I knew that eventually updating on a daily basis was going to catch up with me. Perhaps I should change that schedule. Anyway, let’s see what I can come up with here.

How about a few links to some interesting blog posts I’ve read recently.

BiffyBeans asks “How’s your Grip?” I liked this entry because it touches on a problem I’ve been having for a very long time. Death grip and the resulting cramping! I cannot seem to beat it but I’m trying.

Office Supply Geek is hosting the 3rd Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper. Deadline to get your submission in is October 4th. I’m trying to see if I can’t come up with something to submit this time.

Rhodia Drive (also authored by BiffyBeans) asks “What’s keeping you from writing?” This hit home to me because I’m so easily distracted and I pretty much can never find time to write!

Unposted returns from a few month hiatus of writing to review the very interesting RevolveR notebook.

The Pen Collector talks about my favorite gel ink pen with a few thoughts after 6 years of use.

FieldNotes rolled out a new color combo which I’m sure is sold out by now.  I have a 3 pack on the way which will be my first time using a Fieldnotes book.

I think that’ll be sufficient to give you a few things to read while I try to gather my thoughts and put something original on this page.