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Quick view: Pentel Slicci

I don’t do many reviews of “normal” pens because quite frankly I find them boring. Does it write? Ok, it’s good.

So what I’m going to do here is a “quick view” of a pen. I’ve been a bit of a fountain pen snob for a few years so I’m starting to feel my way around the world of non-fp pens and am finding things I like. One of those is the Pentel Slicci. My first experience with the Slicci was one with a .4mm tip which is MUCH too fine for my taste. I’ve developed a preference for pens that have at least a .7mm size as I get older and writing with the .4mm was like writing with a needle. I used that as an excuse to place yet another JetPens order and try the .7mm Slicci.

Once I had my hands on my preferred size, I began to really like this pen. My biggest complaint? The barrel is very slender and I’m a fan of a much fatter pen. But something about the needle style tip and the combination of the beautiful blue ink keeps bringing me back to this one. The combination of the price, the available ball sizes, and the great ink make for one great pen.

Hey Pentel, if you’re reading this, can you make one that’s a little bigger diameter?