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The HTC One X reviews begin

Phil Nickinson reviewing the HTC One X  for Android Central:

Indeed, the HTC One X has set the bar high for this new generation of Android phones. That bar’s always going to inch higher as the year goes on. But for now, HTC’s back in the saddle and is riding high.

This is the year of HTC returning to a focus on quality and this looks to be a decent phone with a few caveats. First off, I wish they’d figure out the LTE/Nvidia problem ASAP, not that I really think we need a quad core phone, but I’d like to see one in action at my AT&T store.

Is it just me or does that camera look really odd protruding from the back of the phone like it does? The sample shots look great but the placement of the lens will undoubtedly mean scratches over the lifetime of the device.

I’m really digging Sense 4.0, it’s exciting to see them ditch the look they’ve held on to for years and actually freshen it up a bit. ICS is too good to bury, HTC knows that and that puts them ahead of Samsung by a mile.

I’m intrigued by this phone, but not entirely sold on it. I’d like to see how the dual core Qualcomm version stacks up to this one first. Still, I stand by my statement that this is the year of HTC, I’m expecting great things from them this year.