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Time for some company

Nick Bilton for the New York Times

In the last week I have asked Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Microsoft and others about their reports on labor conditions. Most responded with a boilerplate public relations message. Some didn’t even respond.

The answer from Barnes & Noble, the maker of the Nook e-reader, was typical. Mary Ellen Keating, a senior vice president, said only, “We don’t comment on our supply chain vendors.”

Lenovo e-mailed a general report on sustainability. Samsung, which sells more cellphones than Apple, gave no response.

Ever since Apple came under fire, I wondered when the outrage would grow to encompass the full scope of offenders. Interestingly, the main focus remains on Apple, despite the number of other companies that Chinese factories to manufacture their goods.

I’d be curious to see an investigation into this. Any company that turns a blind eye to dangerous working conditions should be held responsible. Don’t think this is only a problem that exists in Apple’s world.