Super Fun Time

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Hey Samsung, try harder found an interesting story about Samsung hiring a marketing firm to stir up some buzz about the Galaxy S III. While it’s not clear if Samsung is specifically directing the marketing firm, someone thought it would be a good idea to crash an Apple store with signs reading “Wake up”.

I don’t get their marketing strategy at all. Samsung seems hell-bent on convincing iPhone users to switch phones by insulting them. Whether it be a jab at baristas, waiting in line for a launch, or the idea that iPhone users need to wake up to the amazing world of Samsung, they’re all sort of rude. I’ve had enough bad experiences with Samsung software to know better but if someone does fall for this, they’re in for a big surprise.

I wish Samsung would put as much effort into perfecting their products as they put into badgering Apple users. Imagine that world.

UPDATE: Samsung is stating that they are not behind this according to a story on Slashgear.