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Budget 450 build update

In typical fashion, I’ve picked up yet another project I probably don’t need, I’m attempting to build a 450 class RC helicopter. I went the cheap route and while I’m starting to regret it (as I always do), I’m pushing through to the finished product.

The helicopter kit is a Hobby King 450 CCPM 3D Ver. 2 which costs just under $30. If I could start over, I’d buy the HK 450GT-PRO V2 but for now, I’ll deal with what I have.

I also went cheap with the components picking up a Detrum 450 brushless combo from Hobby Partz. I’m sure the servos won’t last and there’s no high speed servo for the tail but I already have the parts so I might as well continue.

I’d describe my progress thus far as “fumbly”. Just a few minutes ago I realized I had assembled the tail upside down which meant I had to tear it all back apart. Chalk it all up to the learning process right?

Here’s the progress thus far, the servos are mounted (correctly I hope) and the tail is mostly assembled. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I hope to get close to completion.