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Changing Your Mind 101

If I have any regular readers, they’ll notice something is missing. I deleted the 4 posts in my series on task management.

I struggled with the idea of deleting something I published but I think it needed to be done. I started the series because I’m trying to find the best way to handle the tasks and projects in my life but after 3 or 4 rather weak posts, I realize I had it all wrong.

The only thing you need is a system you trust. That’s it.

Do pen and paper lists work for you? Awesome. Do you prefer your work in projects and manageable tasks? Do that.

The first mistake I made was thinking the GTD system — which makes a lot of sense to me — works for everyone. This just isn’t true. Some people work best from simple lists and some people plan their work months in advance. All you have to do is figure out what your brain prefers.

So I deleted my posts but it’s not a big loss, they were fluff anyway. Maybe I’ll dig a bit deeper into this subject later or maybe I won’t. Sometimes digging for a system is a form of procrastination and I’m trying to avoid that.

Here’s to getting work done.