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This blog is dead.

Being The Best Means Nothing If You’re Broken

It’s officially 2014 and WordPress emailed a year-in-review that pointed out a rather large problem.

According to the stats, these are my most viewed posts:

Field Notes Mackinaw Autumn Review Black N’ Red Notebook Review G2 Signo 207 Hack

Each of these were written in the heyday of the blog: 2009. They also shared another common trait: the images were broken. It seems when I moved the blog from to, I forgot to fix the image links. This plagued all posts from 2009 to late 2012.

As someone who is trying to be a good host, I have gone back and fixed every image link in the archive. Now you can enjoy the writing of a past me with all visual stimulation I intended you to have when I wrote it.

I may have fixed a typo or two, I’ll never tell.