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My 2014 Goals: Three Month Check

Let’s check how I’m doing with my 2014 goals.

Read More — I haven’t cracked open a single book on my list. That’s unfortunate but I’ve read several short stories and numerous long form pieces so I won’t beat myself up too much.

Accumulate Less, Eliminate More — This is a noble thing to have on my list but I knew I’d have trouble with it. As it turns out, I’ve accumulated more stuff! At least it was quality stuff (so far).

Write More — This is going better than I expected. I’ve created a workflow for journaling my day which begins with a morning weigh-in (for the next goal), includes a log of my eating habits, and ends with notes about the day. Looking back over the past 2 months, the daily entries grew from single sentences to several paragraphs which makes me happy.

Along with journaling, I’m trying to use writing as a way to work out my thoughts on a subject. When I start jotting down my thoughts, it feels like my brain has more room to explore further, similar to the capture process of GTD. Once the thoughts are somewhere permanent, the brain can wander around looking for other avenues to explore. I’m still fumbling around with this process but I can tell it’s a beneficial practice.

Lose Weight — The eternal struggle — for me at least. I spent the months between November and March in a whirlwind of progress and failure. In the past month I seem to have regained my focus and I’m on my way to success.

Think — As I said earlier, I’m using my writing as a thought exercise. These may not be ground shattering thoughts or discoveries but it helps me figure out who I am and what side I’m on. As long as I know where I stand, I’m happy.