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The Retro 51 Tornado Flipper

I’m trying not to fall down the rabbit hole of collecting Retro 51s but this would be my fourth and they keep releasing limited editions that tug at my wallet, begging me to spend more money on pens I’ll never use.

My latest acquisition is the Flipper from their Popper line of rollerballs. I love pinball but I usually have to settle for a quick game on the iPad rather than standing in front of a machine in an arcade because, you know, those aren’t very common any more.

I really like the presentation of the Retro 51 limited editions. This is the tube it ships in, my Omega Popper shipped in a similar tube so this must be their standard limited edition packaging. I use this one to further clutter my office with things I don’t need to save.

The pen is brightly colored with antique silver trim that I find quite striking. They only made 750 of these and I have #478 which makes me feel special. I’m sure this number means absolutely nothing unless society falls apart and the only means of currency are limited edition Retro 51. In that case I’ll trade this one for a couple questionable pork chops and 3 eggs to feed my 4 children and a wife who tolerates the fact that her husband has been carting around a bunch of pens in a post apocalyptic world where there’s very little paper.

If you’ve used a Retro 51 rollerball, you know the refill is delightful. If you haven’t used a Retro 51 rollerball, I’m sorry. You should probably buy one and let the box clutter your domicile.

Here she is, the pen that will one day serve to feed my unbathed and tired family. Feast your eyes on her glory.