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A Look at the Ti2 TechLiner

I love things that are made of copper, especially when they’ll see heavy use and develop a nice patina. Copper is a beautiful, bright metal when new but once it starts to patina, it takes on a look that can be incredibly beautiful. Some people prefer their copper bright and shiny, others prefer patina, I fall into the patina camp.

I backed the Ti2 TechLiner Revisited Kickstarter project because it came in copper and even more so because the acid wash finish was stunning. As soon as I laid eyes on the acid wash pen, I backed the 5.75" version without a second thought. However when the pen arrived, I realized I should have taken the time to consider what I was purchasing.

Here’s the problem: copper isn’t exactly a lightweight metal. Throw in a couple magnets and a refill and it’s a pretty substantial pen. I knew it felt heavy in my hand but for the purpose of this review, I put it on a scale where it registered a whopping 1.9 ounces or if you prefer, 53.864 grams. Compare that to the TWSBI Vac 700 which weighs in at 32g (cap and body) and you have a very heavy pen. I don’t think many people can tolerate a 54g pen for a lengthy writing session, I know I can’t.

If I had a second chance, I might try the same pen in the shorty version although I suspect it would still be too heavy. While aluminium and titanium may be lighter, they just don’t have the appeal of a copper pen. I have a few pens in those metals and they’re not on the same visual level as this copper TechLiner.

Weight concerns aside, this is a fantastic pen. It uses magnets, uses a great refill, and has an eye catching design. What’s not to love?

Thanks to that great refill, there’s no real reason to discuss the pen performance. This pen was designed specifically for the the Uni-Ball Signo 207 refills which I place among the very best of gel pens. Years ago I preferred the G2 but now I feel the 207 outshines it in all areas.

So, is this pen worth the cash? Absolutely! I don’t find myself using gel pens very often but I might still buy a lighter version of the Ti2 TechLiner. If you’re in the market for a nice pen and you love the Signo 207 refill, check the TechLiner out. Just keep the weight in mind before you buy a regular length copper or brass version.