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Doing Your Part To Regulate YouTube

Continuing the theme from my last post, I’m going to show you how to help squash YouTube trolls. It’s pretty easy and I hope you all join in.

Here’s a sample comment I found on the latest PenHabit review (I think this might be clever spam but I can’t be sure):

1 — The first step is to give that comment a thumbs down.

Next, hit the reply button and let them know you disapprove. Don’t stoop to their level, just point out the error of their ways. We’re here to talk about pens, no need to be nasty.

That’s generally enough, a typical human should feel shameful when called out on such a transgression. But what if they don’t? Well, let’s go nuclear.

2 — That little arrow in the top right of the comment is the door to the big red launch button.

3 — Yup, that says “abuse” and “spam”. Maybe it’s a little overboard but I think a lot of these mean posts qualify as abuse.

I haven’t tried this but I like to think YouTube will suck that comment into a black hole while they review it. Maybe that’s wishful thinking but hey, it’s worth a shot. At the very least, if enough of us join in, that account isn’t sticking around and the less garbage being spewed at the souls who devote their time to our hobby, the better.

Consider yourselves deputized, go forth and regulate. Don’t forget to leave a nice comment for your favorite videos, kindness goes a long way to offset the trolls.