QOTW: What is your writing process?

Here’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve come across bloggers who hand write their entire blog post before typing it into the computer.  I’ve also found many examples of other types of work that people prefer to write out by hand before entering into the computer. Let’s face it, we live in a computer age and most of what we write for the consumption of others ends up on a computer.

So this question is for those of you who write for the public eye, be it a blog or simply a report for work; do you hand write it first? How do you feel it helps your process? Is it simply therapeutic or do you feel it brings out better writing? Are you more apt to keep it simple? Or perhaps it just lets you get your first draft out at a leisurely pace which helps keep the re-writes to a minimum.

Hit the comments and share! I’m very interested in the responses as my blog posts tend to come straight from my mind to the keyboard. I don’t think I have the patience to handwrite all the words that want to tumble from my fingertips. 😉

7 thoughts on “QOTW: What is your writing process?

  1. I do not handwrite my blog before I post, but it’s an interesting thought.

    I do handwrite when preparing for exams, I find that in studying this helps me to retain the information rather that just reading it.

    Fortunately, I’ve not had any exams like this recently so most of my hand writing is confined to letters.

  2. I write drafts of blog posts about a third of the time. Any time I write on a subject that’s premeditated I’ll write it (or portions of it) in a notebook and then type a second draft, making changes as I see fit. Also sometimes I’ll want to write in an environment other than sitting at my computer, which is about the least creative environment I can think of.

    It’s far from a rule though. Sometimes I’ll sit at the computer or use the laptop to dash out a blog post, write a book report, etc. You can usually tell by the writing style that it’s a first draft, as I often write the same thing in different words over and over in my first drafts. My second drafts get shorter and, I hope, better.

  3. I used to just type my blog posts directly on the computer, but lately I have been hand writing the majority of them. Hand writing usually results in a more polished final draft as I am more likely to do more extensive revisions. Writing by hand is more fun than typing, and it allows me to write while in bed, outdoors, in a car, etc. But sometimes I still use the computer for first drafts, especially if I do not have much time. The poetry I write, however, is always written by hand.

  4. I had to send a very personal letter to someone and instead of writing the draft on paper, I wrote the drafts and revisions on the computer. It is comforting to know that a computer is correcting me as I type, underlining each spelling gaffe with a red line. When I was satisfied with the outcome on the computer, I wrote the whole thing by hand to emphasize the message and give it that personal touch.

  5. I do handwrite at least the first draft of most of my papers for school before typing them on the computer. It’s partly habit and partly because I think it helps my writing.

  6. I find the thoughts flow much easier when I am on the computer (and usually I can check/research and link things). However I spend at lot of my time commuting, and this is perfect for scribbling down ideas, and a rough draft. Do love writing in my notebooks.

    If I am handwriting a letter, I do sometimes draft it on the computer first, simply because I can be focused and get it down on the computer, if I am handwriting it I am more likely to get curl up on the sofa, get distracted and be a lot less productive.

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