QOTW: What’s your favorite writing instrument?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a LOT of writing utensils. Some of us prefer pens, some prefer pencils, and we all have that one favorite instrument that we can’t help but keep near us at all times.

So what’s yours? Maybe you don’t like to play favorites but I bet deep down in your brain, you have a favorite. But if you can’t pick one, at least tell us if it’s a fountain pen, a gel pen, or a pencil. 🙂

Hit the comments and share!

6 thoughts on “QOTW: What’s your favorite writing instrument?

  1. Before being introduced to fountain pens I would have to had said Pencil, probably the cheap bic mechanicals. But now I vary, I have a Parker Vector near me as well as a Pilot G2, and yes the pencils are still in the equation.

  2. To answer my own question… I think my favorite of all time is my Lamy Safari. I’m not sure why, I just click with that pen.

    But I’m trying to broaden my horizons and find other pens to live. 🙂

  3. My favorite writing instrument is a early (read fat) Sheaffer’s Touchdown Desk Pen. It has a Medium 14k Two-Tone Triumph nib. It writes like an absolute champ and is incredible well-balanced in the hand. I got it from an antique store for $18 and restored it myself. Hmmm… I should probably review it.

  4. I have so many I can’t choose… FP: Pilot Pastel /Waterman Kultur /Hero 366 RB: Uni-ball Vision Exact 0.5 Gel: Uni-ball Signo 207 Premier w. Signo 207 Micro refill BP: Zebra F-701/Zebra F-402 Pencil: Pentel Sharplet-2/Uni Kuru Toga

    Okay… the question asked for one, but I gave nine…

  5. I am new on this blog, at first thank you for all these posts reviews and so on.

    My favorite pens: Fountain Pen: Scrikss 17 Gel Ink: Uni Ball Signo 207 Mechanical Pencil: Rotring Tikky

    The Safari is very popular here in Germany. If you go to a school or a university you can see a lot of people which use the Lamy Safari.

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