Stressed and overwhelmed

It’s funny how little I know about web design or anything involved with it. Tonight marks 3 nights in a row I’ve been sitting in front of this computer pouring over design sites trying to get inspired and instead I just end up with a headache.

Perhaps I should step back and admit that I’m not a very creative person when it comes to designing layouts, at least not on a very frequent scale. Some days I get a burst of design power but those days are few and far between.

Is design and the ability to see a good design in your head something you can cultivate and grow with constant practice? Or is it something you’re born with meaning the rest of us are destined to be mediocre?

I’m going back to my reading, here’s to hoping something clicks.

1 thought on “Stressed and overwhelmed

  1. I used to think like you when it came to design. I am not an artistic person, so I can relate to your self doubt. I have one thing to say about that “Stop It!!”. Look around most sites are not artistic. The ones that are, were designed by artists. They also tend to be slow and lack functionality. Most companies use simple design concepts. Don’t make it harder then it is. Keep in mind most non artists are attracted to straight lines and uniform design. Your just are over thinking this. One day I will tell you how designers approach building webpages. You will know why they lack functionality. *** Note to real designers: You may not fit my description unfortunately you are a victim of guilt by association. I simply have seen to many artistic sites that look great but run like crap.****

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