The outcome of “don’t be evil”.

I stopped actively reading Gizmodo in 2010 when they paid someone for a “lost” iPhone 4. Since then, every article I’ve actually enjoyed reading has come from the same author. If Mat Honan is still at this hack-job site in 6 months, I’ll be shocked. His latest piece has been linked almost everywhere and rightfully so.

  “The Case Against Google”

 If it can’t keep its promises, if it can’t avoid resorting to trickery, if it can’t keep itself from subverting the power of its search engine for commercial ends, and on top of all that if it can’t even deliver the highest quality search results at a default setting—the most basic thing people have come to expect from Google, the very thing its name has become synonymous with—why should you trust it with your personal data?


A fantastic piece, one I highly recommend you read.