What do you write on a daily basis?

All this self loathing for not being able to write anything has me
wondering. What kind of things do you use your notebooks for on a
daily basis? I see plenty of people listing their #dailyarsenal on
Twitter and I always wonder what they use it for.

So tell me, what do you use your notebooks for? Are you journaling all
day? Jotting random notes? Formulating your latest plot to take over
the world?

Inspire me, I feel so lost.

2 thoughts on “What do you write on a daily basis?

  1. I keep meaning to post a photo on #dailyarsenal and then forgetting – I really must get round to it! I mostly write lists on a daily basis. Not so inspirational, I’m afraid, but I like writing lists. Often it’s things I need to do, items I’m waiting for in the post (I have a very bad habit of ordering lots online so I have to keep a list to make sure everything arrives) or websites I want to look at, but sometimes I write fun lists too. People I want to send a letter too, little fun things I want to do at the weekend, DVDs I want to watch this month, books I need to finish… I do keep a journal but that doesn’t venture outside the house so the notnook in my bag isn’t use for that.

  2. Anything and everything! Approach the world with child-like wonder and you’ll see that there are plenty of unique things to jot notes or write about.

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