The Passable Writer

I’ve always thought I’d be some sort of writer. Not a good writer, a passable one. A passable writer won’t be widely read, they won’t be overly interesting, nay, they won’t even be talked about. A passable writer will spell things wrong, their grammar might be poor, they might even over-use commas, but just enough people will read their words to keep them in business, whatever that is.

If you’re going to do something, I guess there’s less to aspire to than a passable writer. I could be a blogger! Oh wait.

So if I were a passable writer, I’d write. Instead I’m even less than that, I’m a guy who could be a passable writer who also doesn’t write. That’s the recipe for a good joke I suppose.

Hold on a second, I said mean things about bloggers a paragraph ago. I don’t believe there are bloggers any more than I believe there are joggers. You either write or you run, it doesn’t matter what speed or what your subject, just do it. That’s what Nike said so who can argue?

Okay back to the whole self loathing thing. If I were a passable writer, I’d be ecstatic right now. I almost put an expletive in that sentence but something told me you didn’t want to read that. Or maybe you did so go back and add whatever spice you like, I’ll wait.

Long story short, I don’t write, you don’t read me, and I didn’t curse in this bit of passable writing. I’m giving me a gold star.

That was passable right?

The Curse Of The Inked Fountain Pen

Last night as I scribbled random words on some lovely Tomoe River Paper, I found myself proclaiming my undying love for the TWSBI Vac 700. It has a large nib, large body, large ink supply, and it’s just…. large.

In that moment I decided I would flush every inked fountain pen and only use the Vac 700. So it was set: tomorrow I would be a 1 fountain pen user.

Tomorrow is here. I took the day off because World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor comes out today. That’s normal right? Nevermind that, I was talking about pens.

Before we get too far into this story, let’s cover what I currently have inked.

  • TWSBI Vac 700 – Broad nib filled with Diamine Prussian Blue
  • TWSBI 540 – 1.1mm nib filled with Diamine Ox Blood
  • Levenger L-Tech – Medium nib filled with Sailor Sky High
  • Pilot 78G – Broad nib filled with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
  • Pilot Custom 74 – BB nib filled with Sailor Grenade
  • Kaweco AL Sport – Medium nib filled with Sailor Sky High

That’s not a lot of pens but it’s more than I need. I was positive one pen would be enough last night but today? I’m not quite so sure. I woke up ready to flush all my pens except the Vac 700. Diamine Prussian Blue? What a great ink! Who needs anything more than that?

Oh wait, the 540 has a stub nib and that’s different enough to warrant keeping it inked.

Okay, I’ll flush the rest.

Wait, the Pilot Custom 74 is super broad. Who doesn’t like super broad nibs? I love them! Okay, let’s keep that one inked, plus Sailor Grenade is a gorgeous ink and it would be a shame to flush that down the drain.

What about that Kaweco? It’s a cartridge pen and I carry it in my pocket every day although I never use it. That seems pretty important. Also, who flushes a cartridge pen? I had to fill the cartridge with a syringe! That’s a lot of work and it should stay inked.

That leaves the Levenger, the 78G, and…. I guess that’s it.

What’s that pen sitting in the stand over there? An un-inked Pilot Falcon? I bet Sailor Sky High would look cool in that. There’s no harm in having 5 pens inked right?

You Need To Read: The Cramped

Here’s something new, I’m telling you what to read! Scratch that, I’m ordering you to read this and you’ll listen or else!

If you’re not familiar with Patrick Rhone, the man behind Patrick Rhone dot com and Minimal Mac, you should be. Even if you’re not aware of his work, feast your eyes on his celebration of the analog way of life in the form of a website called The Cramped.

I’ll let him describe it:

If you are the sort of person who appreciates nice paper, a decent pen, a well-crafted notebook, a solid pencil, writing and receiving handwritten correspondence, beautiful handwriting, or the clicky-clack of a dependable typewriter, you have come to the right place. The Cramped is a site dedicated to the pleasures of writing with analog tools (the name is purposefully ironic).

If that describes you, maybe check the site out. There are a number of guest authors and lots of regularly posted content. It’s like an analog smorgasbord.

The Retro 51 Tornado Flipper

I’m trying not to fall down the rabbit hole of collecting Retro 51s but this would be my fourth and they keep releasing limited editions that tug at my wallet, begging me to spend more money on pens I’ll never use.

My latest acquisition is the Flipper from their Popper line of rollerballs. I love pinball but I usually have to settle for a quick game on the iPad rather than standing in front of a machine in an arcade because, you know, those aren’t very common any more.

I really like the presentation of the Retro 51 limited editions. This is the tube it ships in, my Omega Popper shipped in a similar tube so this must be their standard limited edition packaging. I use this one to further clutter my office with things I don’t need to save.

Retro 51 Tornado Flipper

The pen is brightly colored with antique silver trim that I find quite striking. They only made 750 of these and I have #478 which makes me feel special. I’m sure this number means absolutely nothing unless society falls apart and the only means of currency are limited edition Retro 51. In that case I’ll trade this one for a couple questionable pork chops and 3 eggs to feed my 4 children and a wife who tolerates the fact that her husband has been carting around a bunch of pens in a post apocalyptic world where there’s very little paper.

If you’ve used a Retro 51 rollerball, you know the refill is delightful. If you haven’t used a Retro 51 rollerball, I’m sorry. You should probably buy one and let the box clutter your domicile.

Here she is, the pen that will one day serve to feed my unbathed and tired family. Feast your eyes on her glory.

Retro 51 Tornado Flipper

Retro 51 Tornado Flipper