Super Fun Time

This blog is dead.

What have I done?

I think I joined a cult this weekend. The cult of the Moleskine and the Fisher Space pen.

I’m not sure how I feel about this Moleskine yet. I picked up the thin little Cahier 3 pack while at Borders on Sunday. I’ve forever heard of the history of Moleskine and naturally that in itself intrigued me. Not to mention how many famous people have used these notebooks for their notes while they created masterpieces which stand the test of time. Hmmm.. after saying that, it almost sounds like I’ve fallen victim to my constant search for a magical device to make my creative juices start flowing.

Anyway, I’ve not figured out how to carry this yet. It’s small yet doesn’t quite feel comfortable in the front pocket of my Dickies work pants that I’m wearing today. I moved it to the back pocket not inhabited by my wallet and that seems to have disfigured it. Sure paper can be bent back into shape but it annoys me.

I’m forever in a conundrum over what pen to carry. I love my fountain pens, but I also love my Pilot G2’s and those new Sharpie pens are delightful as well. However, carrying a “real” sized pen in my pocket bugs me so I thought the ever loved Fisher Space pen would work wonders. The size and shape is perfect, when the cap is posted it’s perfectly comfortable to use. Except… it’s a typical ball point with typical ball point ink (or at least it acts like it). I haven’t checked on this yet but I’m guessing it’s not possible to get gel ink in this and therefore it shall be very hard to learn to love this convenient little pen.

I feel like I’m carrying the tools of great thinkers and those who get things done, but I’m an imposter! I don’t get things done, I don’t have constant ideas flowing from my brain, and I’m horrible at putting anything in my head on paper out of fear that someone might see it and read it.