Super Fun Time

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New pen case!

My hobbies follow an odd path once they arrive at my mind’s door. First I am rabid, insatiable, unable to stop myself from spending every penny I have to acquire everything I see. I’ve followed that same trend when it came to pens, guns, and bikes. As the craziness subsides, it hits this soft rolling hill where I stop acquiring and attempt to tell myself to enjoy what I have. Then I inevitably slide down the other side of the hill to find a new hobby.

Oddly enough, those old hobbies never quite leave. They stick around, poke their faces into my every day activities, and sometimes return. The pen interest is one of those, it has surfaced twice so far and this past few weeks is kind of poking its head up out of my subconscious to look around. Let’s hope the bike thing does the same since I have a half built bike sitting in my garage that I’ll never be able to get rid of. 🙂

Last year I heard that Michaels was selling a pen display case. I ran over there but only found a watch display case. I grabbed it anyway figuring the glass top might lend it to being turned into a pen case. This weekend, after a very long period of sitting on a shelf, and with the help of a tray purchased from Go Pens, it’s now actually a pen case.