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Everybody cheats

Don’t worry, I feel your pain!

Yes, I’ve been using Sharpie pens. Up until today, I had the standard ones but at lunch I popped into the local office supply store and picked up some retractables. I, like so many others, feel a bit guilty about this fact. I’m supposed to be a fountain pen guy and here I am using a marker?

Maybe I’m just a pen guy. Come to think of it, I have purchased a few ball points in the past 2 weeks.

If you haven’t tried the Sharpie pen yet, I highly recommend it. I would get more indepth, but you can just read what both The Pen Addict and Office Supply Geek have to say about them. They cover everything I could possibly care to say.

I will add a couple of my favorite points. The best thing about these pens is they don’t require ball point pen pressure to write. Similar to a fountain pen, the pressure on the page needs only be very light.  I also find the ink colors, however limited they may be, to be quite rich and vibrant. I’m particularly a fan of the red.