Super Fun Time

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I look fabulous!

I wonder when society decided that it was ok for a female to carry a bag for all her stuff, but a male should be able to fit his crap in his pockets. OK, I over-simplified that. But still, it’s sort of the “manly” thing to not carry an extra bag of stuff around. Men used to carry their stuff in bags around when we all rode horses, the business man made the briefcase “cool”, and in some areas I know the messenger bag thing is normal. Unfortunately I’m not riding a horse, I’m not a business man, and I’m not in an area known for having bike messengers. I need to carry a bunch of stuff somehow pauses to scratch chin.

Today I’m carrying… a bag of some sort. I guess I can call it a mini-messenger computer bag? Last night I managed to cram my Dell Mini 9, the current book I’m reading (the Lifehacker book in case you were wondering), a couple notebooks, an external hard drive, all the power bobbles needed for such things, and a bunch of pens. I tried to fit my little Aiptek HD camera in there but I was unsuccessful. If only I was carrying a slimmer book!

Needless to say, I felt a little funny walking into work today. It wasn’t that bad since I normally carry a backpack for my work laptop and it sort of hid the messenger bag. Walking out to my car for lunch will be a different story. All of this stuff was crammed into the work laptop bag + a bunch of other stuff and was just getting too painful to dig through so I have deemed 2 bags necessary. If this bag looked more like something other than a small woman’s purse, I’d be a bit more comfortable carrying it.

Now I just have to get comfortable carrying this around and not feeling self conscious. Or perhaps I should go shopping for something that’s olive drab and looks like it belongs on a special forces guy? 😀