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QOTW: What’s your pen collection focus?

For months I updated this blog at least 5 days a week as if I had some unending fountain of words from which to draw on. After taking a month off for NaNoWriMo, I find it almost impossible to think of things to write. And so, I’ve moved the Question of the Week to Monday for now. I figure that’ll give me something easy to come up with on the worst day of the week. 😉

Those of us who are pen fanatics tend to accumulate pens. You might not consider yourself a collector one day and the next, you realize that you’re surrounded with . For me, I’ve mainly focused on Sheaffers with a minor interest in Parkers. I’m no collector and I’ve been quick to sell off pens when I feel like spending money on something else, but that’s not the point of this.

Take a look at your pen collections, what do you see? Maybe you collect fountain pens of random types, maybe you’re a gel pen fanatic, maybe you are one of the crazy souls who simply must have every color that the Sheaffer No Nonsense came in?

Now that you’ve figured out what you are, direct yourself to the comment box and share with us. We’ll all understand your crazy obsession, trust me, we’re all family here.