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Please don’t buy this

Wow, Android Police went to town on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The overall impression I get from this is arrogance. “We’re Samsung. You slobs will buy anything we crap out. We don’t have to try, we don’t even need the latest components. You’ll buy it no matter what.”

Scathing! I giggle with pleasure to see one of the better Android sites blast something from Samsung.

What about this review by The Verge? It looks like Android Police isn’t alone in their criticisms (The Verge gave it a 5.4 out of 10).

But a pretty good pen system built on top of a disappointing Android tablet still makes for a disappointing Android tablet. There’s just no reason to suffer through it: the Nexus 7 costs less than half as much as the Note and is without question the best Android tablet available.

That’s all I need to hear, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is junk and I could have told you that last year. I very much dislike Samsung, I don’t think I’ve tried to hide that fact in the past and I sure won’t sugar coat it now. They make copy-cat products that are pure garbage and then refuse to support them once they’re in the hands of the general public. They are everything that is wrong with the technology world and I hope they go out of business.

Don’t buy this, buy a Nexus 7 if you must.