Super Fun Time

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My new Retro 51

I have too many pens and I don’t need any more.

Anyway, here’s the Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith Jefferson that I ordered from JetPens as soon as they got them in. The Metalsmith series are standard size Tornados with custom metal barrels so there’s no surprises in the size, weight, or refill quality.

As you can see, it has a nice brushed metal finish to go with the textured barrel. I’m a sucker for anything brushed metal, antique copper, or matte black. I owned the Stealth Tornado and now I have the Jefferson, any Retro 51 fan knows what happens next (hint: I answer this in the last paragraph).

Check out that textured metal barrel, it looks fantastic. It’s sort of industrial in a way that catches the eye but doesn’t attack it. When in the hand, the texture is noticeable but not distracting to the fingertips during use.

Remember the copper comment? Well, this exists and I don’t know how long I can fight the urge to buy it.