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If only it weren’t so cold out

If you read this blog, you know I like to run. Sadly I don’t have the willpower or fortitude to run in the winter.

Patrick Rhone recently posted his guide to winter running and it has me wishing I weren’t such a pansy.

Two things keep me from running during the winter:

I. My eyes water like crazy when it’s cold or windy.

This happens when I run in cooler mornings and it’s horribly distracting. My eyes start watering and I seem to cry as I run, just the image I want. Drop the temperature and my eyes water even more, just walking outside in the winter triggers the waterworks.

This isn’t that big of a deal in the spring and summer but in freezing cold temps? Yeah, I’ll pass.

II. My sinuses do not like cold.

I assume this is pretty normal, go out in the cold and sniffles abound. My nose runs faster than I do when the temps drop and I end up wiping snot on my gloves, pretty disgusting. I suppose I could stuff a few Kleenex in my pocket to remedy this particular problem.

These 2 things represent the main reasons I can’t run in the winter. The cold isn’t as bad as you think once you get moving but throw snot and watering eyes in the mix and it gets too annoying for my taste.

Hats off to Patrick for his ability to run in the cold Minnesota winters, I’ll stay inside until I see the mid 40’s somewhere in March.

You know what’s sad? I own a treadmill. Go ahead, judge me, I deserve it.