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A new heli in the stable

This is a Kyosho Concept 30 DX, a nitro powered helicopter from the late 80’s. As you might have guessed, they don’t make these any more and there aren’t any new parts available either.

This heli belongs to my wife’s uncle who received it as a gift from a friend. It’s in very nice shape but it’s going to need some TLC if we want to get it off the ground. If I manage to return it to flight, this old bird will only see leisurely hovering sessions to minimize the chance of a bad crash.

Here’s my Blade MSR next to the Concept 30 to give you an idea of the size, it’s a big one.

This is a nitro heli which is new territory for me. Based on how long it has been sitting, I’ll need to disassemble the engine and most likely replace the seals and bearings. The Concept World website has the DX manuals but sadly they have very little information on the engine itself. Hopefully I’ll still be able to locate all the parts necessary for a rebuild.

So that’s the new project. It’s a rather daunting one but with any luck, it will see air time again.