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What Is A Grail Pen?

On episode #151 of The Pen Addict Podcast, Brad explained “grail pens” as such (painstakingly transcribed as best I could):

It’s like a … the ultimate pen for you. So, you know, whether it’s the design or the materials or a the company or the vintage. You know whatever this pen style that speaks to you the most and then like something that will really fulfill your needs uhm in writing and usage and just in beauty and something that really, really speaks to you on a personal level. Uhm you know is a kind of a grail pen. You know people search these things out. Uhm, it’s not necess, it can be, you know a mainline production pen that’s completely fine for a grail pen you know but it’s always something you’re striving to obtain. And you know I’ve talked about it in the past where it … I feel like it takes a little bit of a extra to get that grail pen you know whether it’s saving up or hunting down, or there’s always going to be a story behind a grail pen.

My definition mirrors the last sentence, a grail pen needs to be difficult to obtain. Whether it’s out of your price range, rare, or both, there’s a simple truth:

As you drool over the pen, a voice in the back your head reminds you of the obstacles. A grail pen carries the weight of wondering how you’ll pay for it or how you’ll find it. One thing’s certain: we’re all chasing the white rabbit, only our thresholds differ.

Grails are never easy to get your hands on, just ask King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.