Super Fun Time

This blog is dead.

  • My Terrible One Barcode build

    When I got into this crazy hobby of playing with BMX bikes at the ripe age of 31, I knew nothing and immediately got my hands on 2 Haro bikes. Turns out Haro is junk these days. I’ll pontificate on that point at a later moment. Shortly after I started, I grabbed an early production Terrible One Barcode frame. This is back when they weighed something near 7 lbs, 12 oz and had an American bottom bracket.

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  • The ever changing interests

    I don’t expect this blog to make much sense. If it even ends up being used for that matter. I change my hobbies like girls change their shoes. One week I’m into guns, the next I’m into cars, the next… well it just changes a lot. The interest of the moment right now… BMX bicycles. And I’m 31 yrs old, never owned a real BMX bike, so it’s one of the more off-the-wall interests I’ve had.

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  • First Post!!!!!1

    Let’s watch this blog die like the rest! Why do I even bother?