Super Fun Time

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  • Look Ma! I’m grinding!

    The title is a complete lie, I cannot grind. I do have pegs on my bike which might communicate to other riders that I grind, but they’re a lie as well. To be fair to myself, I put them on the bike so I’d be forced to learn, and I’ve been riding around my city trying to find a nice low ledge to learn on, but alas, such things seem in short supply.

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  • No more big gears?

    Shock and awe, I’m trying to build a new bike. I know, I have a nice one already but there’s something fun about wrenching in the garage that has me building bikes left and right. I’ll say the same thing I always say, it’s cheaper than working on a car! I’ve had this old Terrible One frame for a few months and it never felt right. That’s probably due to the 20.

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  • I’m melting!

    Notice a lack of bike content? It’s because summer showed up late and brought humidity with it! The summer in Michigan has been rather mild this year and suddenly August erupts with high 80 degree temps and crushing humidity. I’ve been staying in doors where the AC keeps me safe and cool. Obviously that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I’ve been out in the garage a bit during the past 2 weeks putting together 2 complete BMX bikes to try to sell off the collection of old parts sitting in the corner.

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  • This is the end… right?

    This is as small as they can get right? No one can do anything better, we’re done? Please? Macneil is the smallest post EVAR winner! In case you want to order one, you can do so here.

  • Mark Web edit

    I, for one, am not a Mark Web hater. The guy does have some skills. Mark Web on a mini ramp

  • Actually riding finally

    It’s sad when your bright shining moment of a week is the fact you got on your bike 3 times in the given week. But, as most of my time has been spent working in the garage for the past few months, I guess it’s ok to revel in the small triumphs. On Wednesday, I actually made it to the local skate park for the first time. Granted, I didn’t do much more than roll in and out of some quarters, but it’s more than nothing.

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  • More problems, more money

    I believe the last time I left you, I was on tube #3 for the front wheel of my new bike? Let’s make that #4. Or rather, #4 is dead and gone. The culprit is these super cheap rim strips I ordered from Ace. Sure, they cost $0.99 so they were a steal, but they also cost me$14 in tubes thus far. So I ordered some Kink strips which are supposed to be 28mm wide and should cover a lot more area and prevent the problem from repeating.

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  • Always something else to buy

    Last night I got the Hoffman Bama I’ve been working on put together. Yet, as always, there’s more to spend money on. Like, the nice KMC 710SL is too long or too short, never where I want it. I suppose I could get a half link.. Or the 2.25" front tire that just won’t fit in the forks I bought. Or how I’ve already replaced 3 tubes in the front tire thanks to a rim strip that keeps sliding.

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  • I hate wheels

    I want to murder this back wheel. It has an up and down wobble that I cannot get out and I messed up a bunch of the spoke nipples in the process. Hopefully I can find black spoke nipples somewhere tomorrow. And with some luck, I can start over and get this wheel trued without throwing it across the garage. Another useful link that hopefully helps me fix this problem:

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  • Assembling round rolling things

    I spent last night assembling the front and rear wheels for my new bike project. This would be the 5th time I’ve built a wheel if you count the one wheel I took apart after assembly because it was too lopsided to ride. Technically these would have been #3 and #4 respectively. I don’t feel like giving too much away on the build but I went with the ever trusted Odyssey 7K-A rims, a Gsport Monkey front hub, and an Odyssey Hazard rear cassette.

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