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  • Ain’t it precious?

    Look at this cute little thing! It showed up in the package with my Quo Vadis TextAgenda (review coming soon) and I don’t know if I can bring myself to use it. No one around me carries this size so it’s just too darn neat to soil with pen. There’s not much I can say that the picture hasn’t said already. It’s tiny, it has graph paper inside, and it’s the same wonderful Clairefontaine paper that the Rhodia lovers have come to know.

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  • QOTW:How bad is your paper fetish?

    I hate to use the word “fetish” but hey, that’s probably accurate. Those of us with this fetish find notebooks and paper to be irresistible. When we walk past the stationary aisle of a store, we inevitably stop and check out what they have to offer. I find myself doing this even at places I know only sell low end products just in case I find something I haven’t seen before.

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  • Who’s over your shoulder?

    The Judge stands in my mind as a dark figure seated upon a huge black beast. There are people who don’t fear this man, he has never shown his face to begin with. There are people who have faced this man and beat him, their lives now free from his interruptions. There are people who have faced this man, fought and beat him, only to have him remain. And there are those, like me, who have yet to face him but can feel his hot breath on our necks every day.

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  • Life Time vs. Technology vs Creative Time

    How’s that for a confusing title? Here’s something I’d like to find an answer to: how to balance real life demands with our online demands and our creative demands. My life isn’t particularly filled with activities yet I spend 2 hours a day on the road travelling to/from work, 8.5 hours at work, then come home to a Fiance who wants to spend time with me, not to mention the preparation of dinner when I get home at 7pm.

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  • A new friend for my Space Pen

    For the past few weeks I’ve been stuffing a 3.5x5.5" Moleskine Cahier in my back pocket. The covers seem to just be cardboard and the size left me with no option but to sit on it. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for it to start looking kind of ratty. I’m not very keen on pulling a bent notebook out of my pocket to write on either. Enter the almost cute 2.

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  • Art store field trip!

    I’m not an artist and I never have been, but today I walked into Blick Art Materials in Dearborn, Michigan. I was there because they supposedly carry Rhodia pads and I’m desperately wanting something that isn’t a staple bound notebook. I imagined walking in and finding every Rhodia imaginable but alas, they only had a small supply of the staple bound books. To top it off, I accidentally bought a graph paper #16 which bums me out even further.

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  • Review: Field Notes Mackinaw Autumn

    In the world of the pocket sized notebook, the Moleskine reigns supreme. You may not be a fan of them, but you know what they are. Naturally challengers will rise up to compete with the king and they will either fall by the wayside, or carve out a little niche for themselves under the umbrella that is Moleskine. Field Notes is one of those challengers and one I had high hopes for since the first time I heard of them.

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  • QOTW: Do you still use cursive?

    There’s been a lot of discussion on the death of cursive lately. In fact, here’s an article on that very subject from Yahoo News. So of course the question of the week is; “Do you still use cursive and how often?” Hit the comment section and tell us!

  • Learning how to use a journal

    The subject is probably a bit confusing; how to use a journal? Easy, write in it! Allow me to take you on a journey through my mind. To me, a journal has always been a continuous flow of text. Regardless of my age, that’s what my mind pictured when I heard the word “journal”. A 14 yr old girl sitting in her room writing in her journal/diary? In my mind I saw that to mean sentence after sentence of how she’s in love with (insert kid at school here) and nothing more.

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  • Brain freeze!

    I knew that eventually updating on a daily basis was going to catch up with me. Perhaps I should change that schedule. Anyway, let’s see what I can come up with here. How about a few links to some interesting blog posts I’ve read recently. BiffyBeans asks “How’s your Grip?” I liked this entry because it touches on a problem I’ve been having for a very long time. Death grip and the resulting cramping!

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