Super Fun Time

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  • Preparation

    I’m getting ready for something. Whatever it is, my wallet is in pain.

  • Discovering the band that changes everything.

    Almost 9 years ago I discovered a band that resonated so deeply, I can honestly say my life changed. They didn’t make me a better person or help my love life or really do anything measurable, but they’ve been my soundtrack for nearly a decade. There’s the times I’ve seen them live — somewhere around 12 and counting —, the memories tied to songs, and no matter how many times I hear them, some songs just give me goosebumps.

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  • Verizon updates the Thunderbolt

    This seems like something out of the Twilight Zone, Verizon Wireless is updating the HTC Thunderbolt to Ice Cream Sandwich. ThunderBolt by HTC is the next smartphone to be upgraded to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The software upgrade will start getting pushed in phases beginning today Feb. 5. Why is this odd? Because the phone in question is almost 2 years old and Android phones rarely get updated this late in life.

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  • A new heli in the stable

    This is a Kyosho Concept 30 DX, a nitro powered helicopter from the late 80’s. As you might have guessed, they don’t make these any more and there aren’t any new parts available either. This heli belongs to my wife’s uncle who received it as a gift from a friend. It’s in very nice shape but it’s going to need some TLC if we want to get it off the ground.

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  • That didn’t take long.

    I broke it! I slammed into a hard pile of snow while attempting to turn on wet concrete and it didn’t end well. The lower control arm mount broke causing the arm to separate from the body. Luckily it costs $6 to buy all of the lower control arm mounts. In related news, switching to a LiPo battery makes a huge difference in power. One might assume the extra speed played a part in the crash but I choose not to comment.

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  • All cleaned up

    I like the look without stickers. The next step is to get rid of the hideous yellow wheels.

  • Everybody wants to have written

    “Everybody wants to have written but it’s hard work to write.” Merlin Man — Back 2 Work episode 102

  • Wondering about weight

    I was curious how a nickel-metal hydride battery and a LiPo of roughly the same dimensions might match up in the weight department. Luckily I have a postal scale and all sorts of spare time. First up, the Losi 1100 mAh NiMH that ships with the Losi Mini 8ight. I’m comparing it to the Turnigy 1700mAh Lithium Polymer battery from HobbyKing. The Turnigy is slightly smaller in all dimensions while providing 600mAh more power and a savings of $22 over the Losi battery.

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  • EDC: Victorinox Classic Alox

    Ah my dear Victorinox Classic Alox, where would I be without you? If I had to pick a tool in my daily arsenal that rivals the importance of my wallet and keys, the Classic Alox is it. I seriously use this little knife almost every single day of the week. I like to think of the Victorinox Classic as the ultimate in office friendly cutlery. Pull this from your pocket and no one will scream in terror, it’s the most tame knife around.

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  • The new toy and some upgrades

    Recently I picked up a Losi Mini 8ight with some gift money left over from the holidays. I had promised myself I wouldn’t expand beyond the RC helicopter hobby but that’s not how things worked out. Now in hindsight I see that ignoring the RC car genre would have been a mistake, this little thing is a blast! As these things go, this car was relatively inexpensive while still having bells and whistles that weren’t available when I was a kid.

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